Medicines and Needle Disposal Services


Unwanted medicines are often dumped into the toilet, tipped down the sink or put out with the garbage, which starts a journey that can seriously harm the environment. Please return any expired or unwanted medicines, or needles/lancets and syringes to your pharmacy. In doing so, we can make our home a safer place, help safeguard our community and protect our environment. There is no charge for this service. Please note - where we can, we send unwanted medicines to Medic Aid Abroard.

As we can not fit Diabetic needle disposal barrels into our sharps bin, diabetics will be asked to empty the contents of their disposal barrel directly into our sharps bin. This ensures the Health & Safety of our staff.

This pharmacy is part of the needle exchange service and is happy to assist with the disposal of unwanted sharps in a safe, hygienic manner and provide clean needles for personal use.

We also dispose of needles used for the injecting of Humira.

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