Sleep Advice


Sleep is important for healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing, physical health, energy and appetite regulation, healing and repair, immune system function, productivity, work performance and safety.

Not sleeping enough, or sleeping badly, can affect your reaction times, increasing the risk of accidents around the home, at work, out and about and on the road. Researchers have also linked lack of sleep to depression, suicide and risk-taking behaviour, increased blood sugar levels, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Talk to our pharmacists about how we can help you sleep better. We offer a range of solutions including sleep hygiene, sleep restriction, retraining sleep, sleep apps, brain synch audio programmes and under certain restrictions, our accredited pharmacists can offer short-term medication (Circadian PR) to help restore your sleep cycle.

We also offer an Eden Sleep home testing kit to determine whether you suffer from sleep apnoea. Eden Sleep are a company who specialise in the diagnostics, treatment (CPAP machines) and support of sleep apnoea patients.  

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